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When creating this one of a kind collection I was moved by the sheer power and beauty found in nature. You will find pieces that are meant to mimic the warm tones and curvatures of mountains and deserts and fluid, textural elements of water. Meanwhile, each piece of marble is joined seamlessly together to reveal the inherent beauty of the natural material. On one hand as a super practical object, and on the other hand it is versatile; as a side table display podium, or a bedside table. To honor our muse, the Earth, These unique designs are beautifully and thoughtfully crafted using environmentally friendly sourcing and repurposing.

Every piece is made with handpicked upcycled marble and stones which is a core part of what NVT stands for, being kind to Mother Earth.

Kind To Mother Earth

In keeping with our values, NVT is proud to bring you beautiful, quality pieces of furniture that congruently honor our commitment to the planet. We pride ourselves on using the finest quality materials in an eco friendly manner that we believe to be imperative. All of our pieces are crafted using remnant marble that has been hand picked. It’s then crafted by hand in a thoughtful and deliberate way to the pieces you see now. A decision to purchase a NVT piece is not only a decision to invest in a piece of furniture, You’re joining the fight to preserve the earth. 

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