Nice Vintage Things, Mid Century Modern Vintage Furniture


Nice Vintage Things (NVT) was born because I couldn’t stop loving mid-century modern furniture, especially after I started my own family. Life got more hectic, but I found my inner peace and everyday joy through the precise simplicity of MCM furniture.

Cesca countertop chairs are where I eat breakfast every morning with my family, a vintage B&B Italia sofa is where I play with my wild boys and drink wine with friends, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona couch is where I wind down after a rough day, a Danish bedside table is where my bedtime books live next to my diffuser. I raise my family in a home filled with the things I love, which belong to a history where they’ve been loved for decades. And along the way, I’ve built my own memories with them too. 

I will be dedicated to bringing you timeless furniture and objects that will grow with you and bring happiness to your everyday life. Join me and let NVT be part of your journey.

lots of love, 

-Ji Henriques